Adult Volunteer Program

Your gift of time is needed and much appreciated at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas. Volunteers provide valuable services and contribute to the welfare of patients and their families.

Requirements for Dell Children’s Adult Volunteers:

  • Adult volunteers are classified as adults over the age of 18 not attending a college or university. Adults attending a college or university and carrying less than 6 credit hours may apply as an adult volunteer.
  • Pledge to volunteer at least once a week over a 12 month period.
  • Complete a volunteer application.
  • Applicant must submit a completed application prior to signing up for orientation. Potential volunteers will not be allowed to attend orientation.
  • Complete a general hospital orientation.
  • Attend a placement meeting with our Volunteer Coordinator. You will be given instructions for scheduling this meeting when you attend the required orientation.
  • Wear an assigned uniform (a Dell Children’s Medical Center Volunteer Shirt with khaki pants). Shirt available for purchase for $20.00 at the volunteer office. You will obtain and pay for your uniform at the time of your placement meeting.
  • Consent to a national criminal background check (CBC) provided by our Ministry Service Center.
  • Submit records regarding immunizations for measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox. . If you were born prior to 1957 and have exhausted all efforts; Occupational Health will discuss your options when you meet with them. You may choose to have these done at your physician’s office, Redi clinic, or your health center at your university.
  • Must provide proof of 2 current TB skin tests; further detailed information regarding TB skin tests will be discussed at your orientation. You may visit your doctor or a clinic to obtain your first TB test prior to the orientation. Note: While Seton is willing to offer TB testing, free of charge at various Seton Occupational Health departments, we find that your Onboarding process will be completed much more rapidly, when you obtain them through your personal physician, walk-in clinics, health center, or Redi Clinics.
  • You MUST wear your SETON Photo ID Badge at all times; the badge is issued by the Security Office and allows free parking on-site.