Our multidisciplinary team provides expert care while our patients and their families are in the hospital.  They provide extensive education, tools, and the necessary resources needed for a successful recovery, to safely transition home, and to return to the community.

Physical therapy

  • Gait/wheelchair mobility training
  • Functional strengthening
  • Serial casting
  • Wound care
  • Wheelchair and other mobility aides assessment and training
  • Gross motor skills
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Proper use of orthotics, prosthetics, and other aides

Occupational therapy

  • Activities of daily living such as dressing and bathing
  • Upper extremity strengthening and conditioning
  • Oral-motor feeding
  • Eating
  • Adaptive tools to complete day-to-day tasks
  • Casting/bracing/splinting
  • Visual and perceptual skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Writing
  • Sensory skills

Speech therapy

  • Swallowing evaluations
  • Oral-motor feeding
  • Cognitive skills (memory, problem solving, sequencing)
  • Communication skills (speaking, language)
  • Augmentative and alternative communication
    • Dynavox communication devices
    • Communication (boards/cards)