How long will my child be in inpatient rehabilitation?

Every child is different. Each therapist will work with the parents/caregivers and medical tream on the patient’s treatment plan and recommend an appropriate time frame based on individual needs and progress made.

How do I know that my child qualifies for acute inpatient rehab?

To get approved for acute inpatient rehab, patients require at least two of three skilled therapies (physical therapy, occupational therapy, and/or speech therapy). Our patients also need to be motivated and able to participate in three hours of therapy per day, five days a week.

Do parents need to be present while a child is in a therapy session?

We encourage each family to participate in their child’s care as much as possible. Parents/caregivers are expected to participate in the child’s therapy sessions to prepare the family and child for the return home. The therapists may have families help or watch during these sessions. This is also a great way for families to learn how to help the child progress.

What is the family’s role in the child’s therapy?

We believe that families are the key to each child’s success. Studies show that children achieve goals and progress faster when parents/caregivers and professionals work together. The therapist will suggest activities to do with the child outside of therapy sessions. These will help the child get the most from therapy and practice using learned skills in everyday life.

How long is an average stay?

On average, the typical length of stay for our patients is about two to three weeks.