Multidisciplinary Clinics

Our pediatric therapists play an important role in providing holistic health care at Dell Children’s. They work with children in our rehabilitation centers and are also involved in supporting multidisciplinary clinics that bring experts from various fields together to work toward improving your child’s health. Through these clinics, our care providers work closely with each other, our patients and their families in a more collaborative manner to make the best comprehensive decision regarding care or interventions.

Where We Provide Care

Our team of physical, occupational and speech therapists and an athletic trainer work with patients in several clinics including:

ACES Clinic (Activating Children Empowering Success)

The ACES weight management clinic provides evaluation, management and treatment for obese children and adolescents. An athletic trainer and recreation therapist work with clinic participants to assess and improve their physical activity.

Aerodigestive Clinic

The staff of this clinic, including a speech therapist, treat children who have conditions that affect the aerodigestive tract, which includes the organs and tissues in the respiratory and upper digestive tracts. These disorders may affect breathing, swallowing and feeding.

Brachial Plexus Clinic

The brachial plexus is a collection of nerves anchored in the neck and shoulders that control the shoulders, arms and hands. An injury to these nerves can affect feeling and function in those areas. Working with a physical therapist can help maintain your range of motion and keep muscles strong.

Craniofacial Clinic

Speech therapists are a key part of a child’s recovery after treatment in the craniofacial clinic for a deformity, tumor or a traumatic injury.

Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

The Cystic Fibrosis Care Center provides care for children diagnosed with this chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. Our therapists help patients and their families learn how to manage and live with cystic fibrosis.

Hand Clinic

Occupational and physical therapists work with children and adolescents who have congenital hand differences, traumatic hand injuries, arthritis, tumors and other conditions that affect function. Our therapists can also provide support before and after surgical treatment.

Developmental Assessment Program

Developmental pediatrics covers a broad range of conditions, including ADHD, autism, speech and language disorders, developmental delay and dyspraxia. Physical, occupational and speech therapists work with other medical staff to assess developmental milestones and design a treatment plan to meet your child’s developmental needs.

Neuromuscular Program

Our physical therapists help children diagnosed with neuromuscular conditions, such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, manage their disease by working to maintain strength and function.

Spasticity Management Program

Children who have spasticity — a tightness or stiffness in the muscles, especially in the arms and legs — may be unable to complete basic tasks or struggle to feed and clothe themselves. Depending on the treatment plan, occupational, physical and speech therapists may work with your child.

Spina Bifida Program

Spina bifida is a disabling birth defect that occurs when the spine fails to properly close during pregnancy. Children with spina bifida may need lifelong care from a variety of specialists, including speech, occupational and physical therapists.

Spine Clinic

Our therapists support children who are being treated for a spine condition or injury in many different ways with the goal of improving their quality of life.

Sports Medicine Clinic

Treating young athletes and children with injuries or conditions that affect movement presents a unique set of challenges. Our therapists and athletic trainer have special training in pediatrics to help your child recover without impacting growth or development.

Tracheostomy/Ventilator Program

Children who have a tracheostomy or rely on mechanical ventilation may need a diverse care team, including pediatric therapists, to manage their complex medical needs.

Wound Care Clinic

Physical therapists help children who are being treated in the wound care clinic improve their range of motion, maximize function and learn positioning.

Getting Back to Life

Whether facing a one-time injury or managing a chronic disease, our therapy and rehabilitation care providers can play a vital role in helping your child recover and thrive.