What Do I Bring to My Child’s Orthopedics Appointment?

Pediatric orthopedic doctors aren’t typically your child’s first line of treatment. Typically, your child will be referred by your general practitioner or family doctor if a condition or injury could pose a problem to bone development.

When you visit your child’s orthopedic doctor or surgeon for the first time, there are some preparations you can make that will help the appointment go faster and smoother. Having the appropriate paperwork and copies of relevant medical records is important. But also, having a good idea of your own observations and knowing what questions you have are also important to your child’s diagnosis and treatment.

Bring Medical Records

When you’re referred to the clinic or practice of pediatric orthopedic doctors, it’s important to ensure that any important medical records have already been sent to them. The records include x-rays, MRIs or other imaging data, along with information about medication and treatments already provided by your child’s family doctor.

Keeping your child’s medical records organized and complete is an important part of ensuring they receive the best treatment possible.

Don’t forget to compile and bring the doctor’s notes from any doctor who’s treated your child for an issue related to your visit. Whether you’ve seen other pediatric orthopedic doctors, emergency room doctors or other specialists, their observations are important to future treatments.

Do Your Homework

Also make time to fill out questionnaires and other forms before your visit to a pediatric orthopedic clinic. If those forms aren’t available online, plan to arrive early for your first visit so you can fill them out in the waiting room.

Your own observations about your child’s injury or condition is also important to pediatric orthopedic doctors you visit with your child. Before your visit, write down your observations and any questions you have. This will make remembering them before your visit much easier.