5 Simple Ways to Help Improve Your Child’s Balance

mom doing yoga with daughterLearning balance is an important part of the development of your child’s gross motor skills. If your child visits a pediatric orthopedics clinic, the doctors there will likely recommend physical or occupational therapy to improve their balance. Here are five simple activities you can do with your child to improve their balance.

1. Stand on One Foot

Simply spending time standing on one foot can go a long way toward helping a child gain a better sense of balance. It’s a game you can play almost anywhere, even in the waiting room of your child’s pediatric orthopedic clinic.

Gross Motor Skills that coordinate major muscles groups are an essential part of a child’s development.

2. Sit on an Exercise Ball

Unlike sitting on a chair, sitting on an exercise ball requires constant movement and correction to keep from rolling over. This can force an awareness of staying balanced which eventually becomes second nature to those who use them as a chair.

3. Walk a Thin Line

Walking along a balance beam is an excellent way for a child to increase their awareness of how their body moves and promote balance. Using chalk or tape, you can also create a straight line on the ground for your child to walk along as if it were a tight-rope.

4. Stand on a Balance Board

A balance board is simply a piece of wood or other flat, sturdy surface with a rounded bottom. Standing on a balance board is a good way to help your child train their muscles for better balance.

5. All of the Above – With Your Eyes Closed

Good balance is about being aware of your own body. When your child works on their balance, closing their eyes will force them to become more aware of how their muscles are moving and improve their balance.