happy little girl swimmingWhy Swimming Can Benefit Your Child’s Orthopedic Rehab

If your child’s doctor recommends physical therapy, time in a pool may help speed recovery. Aquatic therapy can include treading water, swimming, stretching or running on an underwater treadmill. The resistance and buoyant support of the water can lessen pain and stress on the affected area during physical therapy. Read more

little girl in cast sitting with doctorHow to Help Your Child Cope With Having a Cast

Children are natural explorers with boundless energy, and that can sometimes lead to bumps and bruises. If your child has an injury that requires a trip to the pediatric orthopedic clinic, then they may leave with a cast. Having a cast can make life tougher for a while, but there are ways you can help your child cope. Read more

kids playing together at school3 Myths That Pediatric Orthopedic Research Disproves

There are things that people tell each other over the years that begin to be taken for truth. Sometimes, science backs up this folk wisdom. Other times, scientists find claims passed down over the generations to be false. Although many people still believe these three myths, you can feel relieved knowing that pediatric orthopedics research has disproven them. Read more

mom giving daughter piggyback rideShould Your Child Have an Orthopedic Screening?

There are times when an orthopedic condition may not be detected until a child is a little older, other times children need specialized help due to an injury. If you’re doctor believes your child has a problem in their bones or muscles, they will likely refer you to a specialist in orthopedics for kids. Read more

family eating healthy foodsHow Obesity Can Hurt Your Child’s Muscles, Bones & Joints

Obesity is a condition that can cause a wide range of both health and social problems for children as they grow. Problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea and depression are common among those suffering from life-long obesity. Read more

children running on grassDo Growing Pains Require a Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist?

Growing pains are a normal part of every kid’s life to some degree. However, sometimes they can become severe and that can leave you wondering if you should start searching pediatric orthopedic doctors to visit with your child. Read more

Pediatrician examining little girl's back4 Reasons You Should Take Your Child’s Back Pain Seriously

Back pain is common in older adults, but it isn’t normally thought of as a childhood ailment. When your child complains of back pain, it may leave you wondering if it’s a simply a normal ache or if it’s time to see a pediatric spine specialist. Read more

5 Factors That Can Affect Your Child’s Bone Mass

The bones in your body are ever-changing, building and rebuilding themselves as you grow and age. During childhood, bones absorb and store away the materials that will last throughout a lifetime. Read more

Child at DoctorsWhy Growth Plate Fractures Need Immediate Treatment

Having a broken or fractured bone is never fun for anyone. However, when a child experiences a bone fracture, it may be necessary for them to also visit a kid’s orthopedic doctor. Fractures in the growth plates of a child’s bones can lead to long-term problems if not treated properly. Read more

mom doing yoga with daughter5 Simple Ways to Help Improve Your Child’s Balance

Learning balance is an important part of the development of your child’s gross motor skills. If your child visits a pediatric orthopedics clinic, the doctors there will likely recommend physical or occupational therapy to improve their balance. Read more

What Do I Bring to My Child’s Orthopedics Appointment?

Pediatric orthopedic doctors aren’t typically your child’s first line of treatment. Typically, your child will be referred by your general practitioner or family doctor if a condition or injury could pose a problem to bone development. Read more

smiling kids4 Injuries to Watch for While Playing Outside

To say that kids are active is a big understatement. Exploring the limits of their environment and physical abilities is the cornerstone of growing into an active, healthy adult. Read more

Doctor Bandaging LegWhy Are Social Workers Part of Pediatric Orthopedics

When many people think of social workers, they think of specialists who step in when children or a family experience a crisis or some other trouble. However, social workers in a pediatric orthopedic clinic work to help families from the moment a child receives a difficult diagnosis. Read more

Mother with child5 Walking Habits to Watch in Children

Learning how to walk is an important milestone in every child’s life. As with learning anything, it can take time for their muscles and reflexes to get used to this new activity. During that time, they may experience troubles with their leg position and movement. Read more

Little Girl with DoctorHow to Help Young Children Adjust to Orthopedic Braces

When your pediatric orthopedics doctor prescribes a brace to correct a foot condition in your baby or toddler, wearing it can make an already uncomfortable condition even more uncomfortable. Very small children are often resistant to wearing corrective braces, and sometimes this can lead to fussiness and crying. Read more

4 Common Injuries Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeons Treat

The best pediatric orthopedic surgeons deal with bone and joint problems of all types and causes. While they often treat congenital defects of the bones, injuries are also a common reason to visit a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Read more

Girl in HospitalHow to Prepare Your Child for Orthopedic Surgery

If your pediatric orthopedics doctor has scheduled surgery as a treatment, the days leading up to it can be a challenging and scary time for your child. Fortunately, there are steps you can take as a parent to lessen your child’s fears. Read more

Boy Doing Physical TherapyEncouraging Your Child to Do Their Physical Therapy

If your pediatric orthopedics doctor has prescribed physical therapy (PT) for your child, it’s important to follow through with their recommendations. The challenge is that not all kids enjoy regular exercise, even if they’re normally active. Read more

Kids FeetA Look at 3 Common Orthopedic Issues in Children

Pediatric orthopedics identifies a number of development challenges faced by young children as they grow. In most cases, a child’s bones will develop normally as they age, even with these challenges. Read more

boy with helmet riding bike4 Ways to Help Prevent Sports Injuries in Children

Participating in sports is a great way for kids to stay active and learn important life skills. However, many sports can also lead to injury and a trip to a children’s orthopedic doctor.

That’s why it’s important to take safety seriously when your kids are participating in a sporting practice or event. Read more

4 Ways That Childhood Obesity Can Affect Bone

Childhood obesity can cause a host of children’s orthopedic issues in children with effects that last throughout their lives. Because of the interaction between gravity and bones, carrying excess weight can put particular strain on the bones of a child. Read more

doctor with mother and daughterWhy Early Treatment Is Essential in Kids With Clubfoot

Clubfoot is a term used in pediatric orthopedics to describe a condition where a child’s foot has developed abnormally. It’s a fairly common condition that can be corrected if treated promptly. Read more

AdobeStock_97371093 (1)3 Treatments for Pediatric Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia in children is a condition caused by issues with a child’s hip joint that occurs before birth. Read more

 Girl Drinking Milk4 Must-Haves for Healthy Bones

Childhood is an important time for bone growth and development. Along with the rest of the body, the bones grow rapidly through childhood and into puberty before settling into the basic size and density they’ll carry through adulthood. Read more

doctor examining a child in a hospital4 Common Questions About Imaging Tests and Kids

Pediatric radiologists have a number of tools to help them quickly and accurately diagnose a child’s orthopedic illness or injury. Read more

Nurse with a patient in the hospital

5 Ways a Child Life Specialist Can Help Your Family

A child life specialist works to help with the psychological and social needs of children undergoing diagnosis and treatment. Read more