Nutritional Services 

Infants, children and adolescents may need nutritional counseling or assessments on an outpatient basis to complete their medical needs or to maintain a healthy lifestyle for proper growth. The dietitian can provide nutritional assessments and counseling for a wide variety of problems, such as weight loss, weight gain, allergies, hypercholesterolemia/hypertriglyceridemia and chronic illnesses.

With all the different messages and advice in our society today, a dietitian can help both children and parents establish their own healthy eating program.

Team members include pediatric dietitians, RD, LD.

Program Staff and Services

Patients can be referred to the dietitian by a written physician referral faxed to (512) 406-6520. The dietitian will arrange an outpatient appointment with a parent/primary caregiver and the child. You may reach an outpatient dietitian by calling (512) 324-0137 for any questions regarding outpatient nutrition appointments and services.


All visits with a dietitian are held at the Specialty Care Center and are scheduled ahead of time. During the visit, the child may be measured for height, weight and head circumference. The dietitian may also need access to a child’s growth chart, pertinent labs, medical history and a good diary to make a complete assessment. A written letter detailing the visit and recommendations will be shared with the referring physician and primary care physician, and a copy will be mailed to the family.

Nutritional Referral Form