Patient & Family Advisory Board

The Patient and Family Advisory Board (PFAB) was started in 2011 to bring patients, families, and providers together to improve the quality of care at the CF Center at Dell Children’s Medical Center.  The PFAB meets bi-monthly or quarterly.  The PFAB develops and creates the annual CF Family Education Day

One of the board’s top priorities is to bring more information to the community. The accomplish this by putting out quarterly newsletters with information about upcoming events, news from the CF Center, and helpful tips and tricks of the trade for patients and families with CF.  They also have created an online community with a Facebook page.

Current members of the PFAB board include Nicole Mancada, Tabitha McFall, Bruce Hermes, Amanda Trippet, Jeanne Mari Horton, and Brad Riemer, as well as staff members Dr. Jason Fullmer, Allie Baker, RN, Kim Bilger, RD, and Trisha Tatum, LMSW.