Patient and Family Support Services

Our clinic realizes that we are charged with treating the whole person and family, not just a disease. For that reason, we place a great emphasis on supporting the needs of children with CF and their families in many ways. We recognize that much support is needed when coping with a chronic illness, and we strive to provide services to address those needs.

CF Education Day

We hold an annual CF education day to which friends and families of CF patients are invited to attend.  We invite engaging keynote speakers and also update attendees on new information regarding CF care.  This event provides an opportunity for children and families learn more about living with CF.

Infection control guidelines as recommended by the CF Foundation are observed at this event and all clinic-sponsored events.  Our Patient & Family Advisory Board helps plan this annual event.

Social Work Services

CF can create chronic stressors for the individual and the family, especially during times of crisis such as diagnosis, hospitalization, progression of disease and life-stage transitions. The systems and programs a person may become involved with can also be difficult to manage and cause great frustration.

The CF Team Social Worker is someone that you can turn to for support in understanding and coping with the challenges that may be faced. The social worker may be able to assist by brainstorming ideas to address different needs, including medical, emotional, social, educational and financial issues, and the social worker may serve as an advocate or liaison at school, at your place of employment, with insurance providers, assistance programs, community agencies or other medical providers.

The following are specific areas for which the social worker can also assist you in identifying resources:

  • Basic needs (housing, food, clothing, medical transportation, etc.)
  • Financial assistance programs
  • Health insurance
  • Mental, emotional & behavioral health

Child Life Services

The Child Life Department at Dell Children’s Medical Center is a vital component of our pediatric healthcare team. Staffed by professionally trained individuals, our Child Life teams help children and their families cope with the emotional and psychological stress of hospitalization, illness, surgery and medical treatment. Trained to work with children in the hospital setting, our specialists act as advocates for kids and their families.