The incidence of sexual abuse of children has increased dramatically over the past 20 years. This alarming rate has prompted the creation and support of preventative and intervention services for the victims.

The Child Assessment Program was established in 1989 at the Specialty Care Center at the Children’s Hospital of Austin to provide medical evaluations to children up to age 17 who have been victims of sexual abuse. Dr. Beth Nauert has been the Lead Physician for the program since 1989.

Program Staff and Services

Children can be referred to the program by local law enforcement agencies and child protective services. To schedule an appointment, you may contact the Program Coordinator at (512) 324-0137. A medical evaluation will be arranged and information communicated with the child’s guardian/parent and the referring agency.

Team members include: lead physician, social worker and volunteers from the Travis County Children’s Advocacy Center.

Other services available include: laboratory services, educational information about the emotional and physical effects of sexual abuse, counseling for children, families and groups offered by the Travis County Children’s Advocacy Center and community resource linkage for services as necessary.

The Evaluation

The Child Assessment Program is held every Wednesday afternoon. The medical exam is conducted at the Travis County Children’s Advocacy Center, a safe and child friendly environment. During the visit, guardians/parents meet with the social worker and physician to answer any questions about the exam. A written report of the medical evaluation is provided to the referring agency on the child protection team.