Marnie Paul Specialty Care Center

The Marnie Paul Specialty Care Center is an innovative outpatient care facility that provides coordinated, interdisciplinary care for children and adolescents with chronic illnesses and/or special problems. Programs include those that care for children with neuromuscular diseases, orthopedic challenges, spina bifida, tracheostomies and/or ventilator dependency, cystic fibrosis, suspected sexual abuse, developmental issues and others.

Each of our programs addresses a specific condition and is staffed by a team experienced in caring for children with that condition. Our teams include physicians, nurses, dietitians, therapists of various kinds, social workers and more.

When children have complex medical problems, they and their parents often need to see a variety of healthcare providers. Office visits and coordination among these professionals can be complicated and inconvenient. The Specialty Care Center brings these providers together on one team, in one place, to provide the best care possible for children with these complex needs.


The Specialty Care Center provides pediatric, family-centered, multidisciplinary services in a hospital-based ambulatory care setting. Services include:

  • Case management
  • Coordinated service
  • Diagnostic and episodic care

The SCC provides diagnosis-based interdisciplinary teams focusing on the needs of the child. The program frequency is based on meeting the needs of the child and community. The primary care physician is an integral part of the team and continues to provide the child with coordination of services, acute care and immunizations.

The SCC staff is available by phone 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Specialty Care Clinic is open for extended hours as dictated by the program, and is located on the second floor of Dell Children’s.