Simply Safety

Simply Safety is a family safety and education center made possible by the Dell Children’s Medical Center Injury Prevention team. Inside, you’ll find everything from safety seats and life jackets to portable cribs and childproof locks. Our team engages families with safety education and fun interactive learning displays to help families stay safe.


Simply Safety is in the process of moving from 1301 Barbara Jordan Blvd. Our new location will be inside Dell Children’s Medical Center. Simply Safety is currently closed while we are under construction. Additional information will be posted when we announce our opening.

Affordable Prices

bikehelmets-800x533The goal of Simply Safety is to connect families to safety equipment they might otherwise be unable to afford. Everything is priced at cost, or at a low-cost, with tax included. If Simply Safety’s discounted price is still too high for a family, they may be eligible for additional financial assistance on select car seats. If a family qualifies for that extra help, the store will offer the car seat on a sliding scale.

Unmatched Knowledge & Service

productswide-800x533In addition to affordable prices, parents shopping at Simply Safety get the added advantage of knowing that all products we carry have been tested and proven to work. You don’t just buy a product from us – you also get expert instruction from our staff so that you know exactly how to use what you bought to keep your kids safe. We’re committed to equipping you with the knowledge and products you need so your kids can stay safe in all of their activities.

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