Neuroscience Center

Neuroscience Center

Helping Kids Develop Their Potential

At Dell Children’s Medical Center, we have assembled a highly specialized team to treat a broad array of nervous system disorders in children and adolescents, including epilepsy, neuromuscular disease, cerebral palsy, autism, developmental disorders, congenital abnormalities, brain tumors, and the effects of head injuries, infections and strokes.

To address the full range of neurological, behavioral and developmental problems in children and youth, we provide a continuum of services from evaluation, testing and diagnosis to surgical procedures and other treatments, disease management, rehabilitation, and follow-up – all designed with the growing child in mind.


As the leading provider of pediatric neurology services in Central Texas, Dell Children’s offers expert staff and advanced technology for treating both acute and chronic neurological conditions, including:

  • Developmental disorders such as autism, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and language disorders
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Neuromuscular diseases including muscular dystrophy
  • Headache disorders and migraines
  • Movement disorders such as cerebral palsy and Tourette syndrome
  • Acute neurological management of head injuries, neurological infections and strokes
  • Neuro-oncological problems such as tumors of the brain and spinal cord and neurofibromatosis

Pediatric Neuropsychology

Dell Children’s pediatric neuropsychology provides comprehensive assessment services for children with known or suspected neurological dysfunction. Our neuropsychologists have specialized training in the impact of neurological conditions on brain development and function, and they provide valuable information to assist in medical treatment and surgical planning. This includes thorough assessment of various areas of physical and cognitive functioning, including motor coordination, sensory processing, memory, reasoning, language and attention.

The pediatric neuropsychology team is committed to maintaining a welcoming, child-friendly clinic environment that is designed to help children feel at ease and able to perform at their best. They are also engaged in numerous research projects within the medical center, focused on learning more about how medical conditions affect brain development and the effectiveness of medical and surgical interventions on improving the lives of children.

Pediatric Neurosurgery

The Pediatric Neurosurgery Center is at the forefront of technological innovation and research to provide leading-edge care for a full range of neurological disorders. We employ such sophisticated technology as Intraoperative MRI (iMRI) for brain scans during surgery – which help to increase precision and decrease the need for follow-up surgeries – as well as stereotactic neuronavigation to minimize the potential impact to critical brain structures.

Pediatric Behavioral Health

Whether in the hospital or at our outpatient clinics, our clinicians provide evidence-based treatment for children with emotional and cognitive diagnoses, as well as challenges related to hospitalization. Services include the evaluation and support for youth with a variety of issues, such as co-occurring medical and mental illness, difficulty adjusting to an acute or chronic medical condition, mood and anxiety disorders and other difficulties with coping. Behavioral health specialists support the emotional needs of children and their families in a number of hospital-based programs, including the obesity program, traumatic injury, cancer, diabetes and developmental disorders.