4 Reasons You Should Take Your Child’s Back Pain Seriously

Pediatrician examining little girl's back Back pain is common in older adults, but it isn’t normally thought of as a childhood ailment. When your child complains of back pain, it may leave you wondering if it’s a simply a normal ache or if it’s time to see a pediatric spine specialist.

Like any ache or pain, it isn’t uncommon for children to develop back pain. Fortunately, it normally isn’t a sign of a serious condition. However, it is important to know if your child’s back pain warrants a trip to a pediatric spine specialist. Here are four reasons you may want to take your child’s back pain seriously.

1. Muscular Back Pain

Muscular back pain is the most common type of back pain in kids and teens. This type of pain is typically the result of an injury, and can result from muscle and ligament strains, posture problems or injuries stemming from overuse.

Muscular back pain is typically treated with rest and change in any activities that may have contributed to the injury.

2. Spinal Pain and Cramping

Sometimes an injury may go deeper than a pulled or overworked muscle. Injuries to the spine can also be a source of back pain in your child. Whether a stress fracture or a herniated disk, some injuries require the help of a pediatric spine specialist for treatment.

3. Accompanied by a Fever

A spinal infection is a serious condition, but can be hard to diagnose without the help of a laboratory or imaging. Fever, malaise and soreness of the back typically characterize spinal infections. Most often these infections are treated with antibiotics, but in rare severe cases a surgical treatment may be used.

4. Physical Abnormality

Problems with the alignment of the spine such as scoliosis can often cause back pain in kids. This is typically only the case with more severe conditions, however.