Our Neonatology Providers & Care Team

Our Neonatology Providers & Care Team

In the Dell Children’s NICU your baby will be cared for by a multidisciplinary team to ensure your baby receives the most thorough and comprehensive care. Many of our specialists are renowned in their respective fields. Our multidisciplinary care team includes board certified neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners and nurses, neonatal respiratory therapists, occupational/physical/speech therapists, neonatal registered dieticians, neonatal pharmacists, lactation consultants, social workers, case managers, child life specialists, language interpreters and chaplains.

Our Specialists

A neonatologist is a pediatric doctor with advanced training in the care of premature and sick babies. The neonatologist may also be called the Attending Physician. Your baby’s neonatologist will strive to provide the best care for your family and baby through compassionate, evidence-based practice and continual efforts toward discovery and improvement. Our core values include empathy, sympathy, service, hope, respect, accountability, collaboration, excellence, leadership, initiative, and positivity.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

A neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP) is a board-certified advanced practice nurse who specializes in the care of premature and sick babies. NNPs work closely with Neonatologists to create a unique treatment plan for each baby and perform procedures as needed. They also help educate and support NICU families as they learn more about the medical care of their baby.

Care Team

In addition to your baby’s neonatologist and NNP, many other experts play a vital role in providing meticulous care for your baby. If you would like to speak with one of our team members please do not hesitate to ask your baby’s bedside nurse.

Registered/Bedside Nurse: A registered nurse will help provide all the care your baby needs at his or her bedside each day and night. Many parents spend a lot of time visiting with their baby’s nurse and develop a strong relationship with this person.

Respiratory Therapist: A respiratory therapist (RT) is specially trained in the medications and equipment used to support a baby’s breathing.

Physical Therapist: A physical therapist (PT) is specially trained in evaluating and providing treatment and recommendations related to movements, positioning, state control, and development. They often work closely with the NICU staff and families to help them understand a baby’s unique developmental needs throughout the NICU course.

Occupational Therapist: An occupational therapist (OT) is a specialist in oral feeding
and swallowing, positioning, splinting, and development.  They work closely with the NICU staff and families to assist an infant in non-nutritive and oral feedings and how to promote success with oral feeding.

Speech Language Pathologist: A speech language pathologist (often called a speech therapist, ST) is a specialist in oral feeding and swallowing. They work closely with the NICU staff and families to determine when and how to most safely begin oral feedings and promote success in oral feeding for each unique patient.

Registered Dietitian: A neonatal registered dietitian is specially trained in the nutritional needs of newborns including extremely premature babies, sick babies, or babies with unique nutritional needs. They help ensure your baby is receiving the right combination of nutrients to achieve proper weight gain, length growth, and head growth, as well as development.

Pharmacist: A neonatal pharmacist is specially trained in the medications used to treat babies.

Lactation Consultant: A lactation consultant is a specialist in breast feeding and works with mothers to help them establish a good breast milk supply, transition to breast feeding when the baby is ready, and help address any breast feeding related issues.

Social Worker: At DCMC our social workers are professionals who have earned a Master’s degree in social work and are licensed by the state of Texas. Our social workers work hand in hand with your child’s healthcare team to help with your child’s ongoing medical needs. Scope of services offered includes crisis intervention, adapting to illness and hospitalization, locating community resources, and discharge and home healthcare planning.

Case Manager: A case manager helps coordinate the care of your baby in many ways, including assistance with discharge planning and arranging home equipment and home services when needed.

Child Life Specialist: A child life specialist is trained in child development specific to hospitalized children and infants. He or she can help provide education and support to families as they learn how to best interact with their baby at different stages of development. A child life specialist is also an expert in how to best communicate with children of all ages, such as helping siblings understand why their baby brother or sister is in the NICU and helping them to meet that baby for the first time.

Chaplain: A chaplain is trained to help patients and families of all beliefs, including those who do not belong to any specific religion or tradition. As spiritual caregivers, chaplains offer a comforting presence and a listening ear. In addition, they can attempt to connect you with representatives of your specific religious group to offer prayer, rituals, or sacraments.

Music Therapist: A music therapist helps provide a calming environment through the clinical applications of music. Involvement in music has proven to be beneficial to a baby’s development.

Language Interpreter: Language interpreters are specially trained in interpreting medical
information to families. They provide their services in a confidential way whether in person or via a secure website. Dell Children’s has access to interpreters of many languages and dialects.