Central Texas NICU Follow-Up Program

Central Texas NICU Follow-Up Program

The Central Texas NICU Follow-Up Program is a collaboration of Austin’s First Steps (Pediatrix) and Pediatric Specialty Services (PSS).

What We Do

Our mission is to improve health, developmental and functional outcomes for children at high risk for neurodevelopmental disability. We are a multidisciplinary clinic specializing in the care of NICU graduates in Central Texas between the ages of three and six.

We assist community pediatricians and families by providing developmental evaluations, medical consultations, psychological assessments, treatment and specialized follow-up for infants who were born premature or had medical complications necessitating intensive neonatal care. Our team believes in early intervention and education. We also assist families with guidance on therapeutic and educational programming, referrals to community resources and coordination with subspecialists.

Who Qualifies

Graduates of any NICU program who are between the ages of three and six qualify for our services. For NICU graduates under three years of age, please contact Austin’s First Steps. Austin’s First Steps kids are automatically transferred to this program when they turn three years old.

Who We Are

  • Speech pathologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists from Dell Children’s Therapy

What to Expect

  • Comprehensive medical and developmental interview
  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • Evaluation and monitoring of motor, speech/language and social emotional development
  • Diagnostic assessment and treatment for neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorders
  • Neuropsychological testing of intellectual, academic, behavioral and adaptive functioning at six years age

Patients identified with neuromotor delays or impairment will be seen by either the child neurologist or physical medicine and rehabilitation physician for further evaluation and management.

Diagnostic developmental assessments involve two to three visits. The first visit will be an initial consult by the developmental-behavioral pediatrician who will review the child’s medical and developmental history and perform a comprehensive physical exam and developmental screening. Some children will require additional testing on a separate day with speech, occupational and/or physical therapists. Test results as well as treatment recommendations are shared with parents on a separate follow up visit by the developmental-behavioral pediatrician.

Neuropsychological testing will include same-day face-to-face discussion and interpretation of test results by the psychologist.

Please Note

Appointments can take one to two hours, so please bring your child’s favorite toys, snacks or any items that may help him or her be more comfortable during the visit. In order for us to focus on your concerns and maximize our time spent together, we recommend that siblings not be brought to your visit.

Any therapy, educational or medical records should be faxed to 512-628-1851 BEFORE the day of the appointment and also brought to the visit.

We look forward to meeting your NICU graduate and continuing this journey together.