Genetics – Clinical


To speak with the Clinical Genetics team, please call 512-628-1840 and select Option 2. 

We must receive all documents BEFORE an appointment can be made. Please make certain all required patient medical records and insurance authorization forms are received prior to your child’s scheduled appointment.

Please bring the following to your genetics appointment:

  • Valid insurance card and driver’s license
  • Referral/Authorization – Provided by your healthcare provider
  • Genetics history forms – Please complete these before your appointment

Referrals to Our Practice

Referrals to our office can be made by either your PCP or medical specialist. However, some insurance plans do not allow a “specialist to specialist” referral and require your PCP to write a referral in addition to the specialist’s referral.

We require ALL documentation (medical records, lab tests, genetic tests, growth charts) and insurance authorization(s) to be in place BEFORE an appointment is made. Requested documentation can be faxed to our office at 512-628-1841. Your providers can help you by sending these records on your behalf upon your request.

Telephone Calls, Lab Results and Prescription Refills

  • Please note that scheduling appointments and medication refills are to be done during business hours only.

Frequently Asked Questions