Thyroid Surgery

Although thyroid disease is less common in children compared to adults, occasionally surgical issues arise. Most commonly this is for an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) or a concerning thyroid nodule. Treating pediatric thyroid disease requires a multidisciplinary approach. As the lead surgeon of our Thyroid Surgery Program, Dr. Horwitz works closely with our partners in pediatric endocrinology, pediatric radiology and pediatric pathology. In addition, because recent studies have suggested that high volume thyroid surgeons (performing > 30 cases/year) have improved outcomes, Dr. Horwitz has partnered with Dr. Teresa Kroeker, one of the region’s leading adult thyroid surgeons. This collaboration between pediatric surgeons and a high-volume adult thyroid surgeon optimizes the care of children with surgical thyroid disease conferring the benefits of both a high volume thyroid surgeon and high volume pediatric surgical care.

Team Lead

Jeffrey R. Horwitz, MD, FACS
Pediatric Surgeon
Dr. Horwitz was born and raised in Houston. He has been living in Austin since 1999. His incredibly supportive family includes his wife Treva, daughter Aiden and two chihuahuas, Gracie and Bella.