Motivation Interviewing in the School Setting: School Nurse Webinar Series #2

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Gray, J. Motivational Interviewing: A Taste. (2018)

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MI Techniques and Skills

Dobber, J., Latour, C., Snaterse, M., van Meijel, B., ter Riet, G., Scholte op Reimer, W., & Peters, R.
(2018). Developing nurses’ skills in motivational interviewing to promote a healthy lifestyle in patients with coronary artery disease. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

Frey, A. J., Lee, J., Small, J. W., Seeley, J. R., Walker, H. M., & Feil, E. G. (2013). Transporting motivational
interviewing to school settings to improve the engagement and fidelity of tier 2 interventions. Journal of Applied School Psychology, 29(2), 183-202. doi:10.1080/15377903.2013.778774

Miller and Rollnick. Motivational Interviewing: Preparing People for Change. Guilford Press. New York
and London. 2002

Rollnick, Miller and Butler. (2008) Motivational Interviewing in Health Care: Helping Patients
Change Behavior. Guilford Press. New York and London.

Articles and PDFs

Motivational Interviewing in Schools / Rollnick, Kaplan, & Rutschman (2016)

  • The first teacher’s guide to the proven counseling approach known as motivational interviewing (MI), this pragmatic book shows how to use everyday interactions with students as powerful opportunities for change.

Fundamentals of Motivational Interviewing: Addressing Common Clinical Challenges / Schumacher and Madson (2014)

  • A common-language, and user-friendly guide to key concepts in MI.

Motivational Interviewing in Schools: Strategies for Engaging Parents, Teachers, and Students. / Herman, Reinke, Frey, & Shepard (2014)

  • Describes practical applications of MI with families, students, teachers, and school-based teams.

Listening Well: The Art of Empathic Understanding / William R. Miller (2018)

  • Through clear explanation, specific examples, and practical exercises, Dr. Miller offers a step-by-step process for developing your skillfulness in empathic listening. Empathic understanding can help to deepen personal relationships, alleviate conflict, communicate across differences, and promote positive change.

Building Motivational Interviewing Skills (2nd ed.) / David B. Rosengren (2017)

  • Explanations of core MI concepts are accompanied by sample dialogues, exercises, and practice opportunities, building proficiency for moving through the engaging, focusing, evoking and planning processes of MI while using the core MI communication style.

Motivational Interviewing and CBT / Sylvie Naar & Steven A. Safren (2017)

  • Providing tools to enhance treatment of any clinical problem, this book shows how integrating motivational interviewing (MI) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can lead to better client outcomes than using either approach on its own.