Who We Are:

The Dell Children’s Educational Advocacy Program is a grant funded program that provides school advocacy. Services are provided to DCMC patients between the ages of 4 to 20 who are enrolled in school. Our goal is to work with the school to identify and advocate for accommodations when a medical condition impacts a student’s ability to participate in regular schooling.


What We Do:

  • Consultation and education for parents and schools to understand the impacts of illness and treatment on learning in the school environment.
  • Presentations to schools and classrooms regarding child’s disability.
  • Consultation on the creation or revision of an accommodations plan (i.e., an IEP or 504 plan).
  • Attendance at 504 and IEP meetings to advocate for child’s needs.
  • Consultation with the medical team to determine the best and safest return to school, including implementation of homebound services.
  • Consultation for school-based intervention regarding child’s disability.


How to Contact Us:

Call 512-324-9999 ext. 86320
Email mmMaxwell@ascension.org

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