Developmental Pediatrics

Childhood is a time of significant development and change both physically and mentally. Children’s motor skills develop and expand; their vision, intelligence and speech improves; they learn to read and write and acquire more adult behaviors over time.

These developments, however, do not always progress without issues. Ranging from less significant complications such as tics or sleep disorders, to severe conditions such as autism, dyslexia or epilepsy, pediatric developmental concerns can seriously impact the life of both the affected child and his or her family.

Early diagnosis and treatment are essential for any developmental conditions in order to effectively manage symptoms and minimize complications. Our primary goal is, as always, to let children with developmental issues enjoy a full range of daily activities with minimum restrictions. Dell Children’s developmental pediatrics specialists strive to understand the root causes of developmental disorders, offering solutions that encourage a positive quality of life overall.

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Dell Children’s offers advanced treatment for a number of developmental issues including:

Learning Disorders

Learning disorders in children are not rare and include writing difficulties, dyslexia, dyscalculia and other school-related problems that are typically discovered soon after a child starts going to school. There are many different therapy options available that can significantly reduce the frustrations that children with learning disorders frequently face in daily life.

Attention Disorders

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is by far the most common issue from the group of attention and behavioral disorders in children. Because attention disorders are frequently seen in combination with additional behavioral or mental health concerns, our developmental pediatrics specialists take a multidisciplinary approach to minimize the impact these conditions can have on a child’s daily life and well-being.

Delayed Development

Some children experience irregularities in the development of speech and language, motor skills and mental capacities. Proper management and monitoring of these concerns can help determine whether delayed development is simply a temporary hurdle, or if the symptoms may be indicative of an underlying issue.