The dermatology clinic treats children with a wide range of skin disorders:

AlopeciaNail Disorders
AngiofibromasNail Fungus
Atopic DermatitisPeriorifical Dermatitis
Bumps, Lumps, and GrowthsPort Wine Stains
Connective Tissue Disease (Lupus, Morphea, Dermatomyositis)Psoriasis
CystsPyogenic Granulomas
Diaper RashesRashes
Genetic Skin ConditionsRingworm
Hair DisordersSkin Cancers
Hemangiomas of InfancySpider Angiomas
Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating)Vitiligo
Infections of the Skin (Bacterial, Fungal, Viral, etc.)Warts
Moles (Nevi)

The clinic also provides treatment for genetic skin diseases such as ichthyosis and epidermolysis bullosa, and skin manifestations of systemic diseases including lupus erythematosus and diabetes. Medical or laser treatment of birthmarks is available here or in conjunction with the vascular birthmark group.

Please call 512-628-1920 to schedule an appointment or if we can answer any questions.

In-Office Procedures

  • Cryotherapy for molluscum, warts, and other skin growths (CPT codes 17110/17111)
  • Cantharadin applications for molluscum (CPT 17100/17111)
  • Intralesional immunotherapy for warts
  • Topical immunotherapy for warts
  • Minor skin surgery
  • Excision and removal; simple and intermediate defect repair, simple and subcuticular closure; shaving of lesions; curettage and electrodessication
  • Vascular destruction of pyogenic granulomas
  • Narrowband Ultraviolet B Therapy (CPT 96910)
  • Pulsed Dye Laser Treatments (CPT 17106-17108): Medically indicated for port wine stains (ICD Q82.5), hemangiomas (ICD D18.01), and other proliferative vascular lesions. Cosmetic indications for spider angiomas, scars, etc.

Outpatient Surgery Procedures

These procedures are performed by Dr. Levy, Dr. Diaz, and Dr. Ruth at Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin. Use of general anesthesia is often indicated for more involved cases. Minor skin surgeries and laser treatments may be performed under general anesthesia depending upon the location and size of the lesion, as well as the age of the patient.

Patient Education

Support Groups

Multi-Disciplinary Clinics

  • Derm-Rheum Clinic – For information or to schedule, please call 512-628-1920 and choose option 4 (nurse line) to speak to a nurse.
  • VAC (Vascular Anomalies Clinic) – For information or to schedule, please call 512-628-1920 and choose option 4 (nurse line) to speak to a nurse.