Dell Children’s Specialized Delivery Unit

Dell Children’s Specialized Delivery Unit

As parents and caregivers, we understand the emotions and questions that come with a diagnosis of a rare or complex fetal condition. Your care team at Dell Children’s starts by listening to your family and answering your questions. We’re here to provide support, education and care for you and your baby before, during and after delivery.

The Dell Children’s Specialized Delivery unit is designed for mothers who are patients of the Comprehensive Fetal Care Center. The unit is designed for moms that are considered low risk, whose babies have been diagnosed with a complex fetal or congenital condition who will be able to deliver and recover in the same hospital where their newborn will receive specialized treatment and care. This means that a mother can deliver in the same hospital where her newborn will receive immediate specialized intervention not available at other hospitals. Care for mom and baby during pregnancy, delivery of the baby, and care of the baby after birth can happen all in one place.

Through this unit, babies will have access to the Dell Children’s Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) immediately following birth and will have access to the widest variety of pediatric specialists and specialty programs in the region.

Moms will have access to fellowship-trained and board-certified physicians that have extensive experience in fetal abnormalities and work alongside a team of pediatric experts providing unparalleled care for children and their families every step of the way, while staying with her child.

About the Unit

The unit is an 11-bed, state-of-the-art delivery unit that is staffed 24 hours a day by an experienced obstetric trained nursing care team, anesthesiologists and obstetricians. The unit includes two operating rooms, five labor and delivery suites and six antepartum/postpartum suites. All suites include private bathrooms, sleeping accommodations for partners and regular in-room meals. Mothers that require early admission stays before delivery will be admitted and receive care until their delivery.

A newborn nursery is also available inside the unit for babies that are stable enough to stay with their mothers. Dell Children’s practices evidence based couplet care which means mom and baby stay together with the same clinical nursing team from before birth, delivery and through discharge.

Rest assured that while you and your baby are in our care, you both will have access to specialists as needed. Families will benefit from the expertise of multiple specialists across a variety of disciplines including but not limited to, nurse coordinators, genetic counselors, obstetricians, neonatologists, ultrasonographers, palliative care specialists, and a wide array of other pediatric subspecialists to provide unparalleled care for patients and their families every step of the way.

Families will also have access to all the amenities available at Dell Children’s Medical Center. Click here for more information.

Who Can Deliver in the Unit

Only patients of the Comprehensive Fetal Care Center or who meet other specific criteria can deliver at the Dell Children’s delivery unit. These are mothers who have unborn babies that have been diagnosed with rare and complex conditions such as: fetal heart conditions, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, fetal urinary tract abnormalities, twin-twin transfusion syndrome or fetal neural tube defects to name a few. A full list of conditions treated at the Comprehensive Fetal Care Center can be found at

Expecting mothers diagnosed with a maternal medical complication of pregnancy such as severe hypertension or severe diabetes, may warrant delivery at Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin. This hospital is designated a Level IV Maternal Care Center (highest level) by the state of Texas and has all the resources needed when mom needs a higher level of care.


Depending on the needs of the mother, deliveries will take place in a labor and delivery suite or an operating room located in the unit. The coordination of the delivery will be determined between the mother, the delivery unit and the Comprehensive Fetal Care Center specialists, ensuring the safest delivery of the baby.

Initially the Specialized Delivery Unit will allow for elective C-Sections only. As operations mature, expansion of deliveries will allow for scheduled inductions and spontaneous vaginal deliveries of appropriate candidates. Obstetricians with privileges at Ascension hospitals may elect to co-manage patients with the Comprehensive Fetal Care Center and deliver their patients at the Specialized Delivery Unit.

Care for baby

Receiving care at Dell Children’s means you have access to the full spectrum of pediatric specialists and specialty programs in Central Texas – more than any other hospital network in the region. This also means your baby will receive the highest level of pediatric care available.

Highest Level of Neonatal Intensive Care

Having earned the highest level of state designation possible, our Level IV NICU can provide care for the most complex and critically-ill infants of all gestational ages. Our state-of-the-art Level IV NICU provides world-class comprehensive healthcare through compassionate, innovative, and evidence-based practice.

Our NICU is staffed by specially-trained physicians called neonatologists, nurse practitioners, nurses and respiratory therapists who are specifically trained to care for premature and sick newborns with the most complex conditions. This committed team works around the clock to provide for your baby’s special needs. Equipment and procedures specifically designed for babies help the team treat sick newborns until they are healthy enough to go home. At Dell Children’s Medical Center, you can have confidence knowing your baby has access to the highest level of NICU care possible.

After mom is discharged, parents can stay connected to their baby in the NICU via a webcam system called NICVIEW which allows families to watch their infant 24/7 in real-time, from any location. At Dell Children’s Medical Center, you can have confidence knowing your baby has access to the highest level of NICU care possible. Our NICU will also be growing in size and expanding capabilities over the next few years.

For more information about our Level IV NICU, please visit

Pediatric Cardiac Care Unit

The Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) located within Dell Children’s provides highly specialized care for babies with heart abnormalities. The CCU is dedicated to delivering the highest level cardiac care to infants, children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with congenital or acquired heart conditions. Our world-renowned cardiovascular surgeons led by Dr. Charles D. Fraser, Jr, work alongside a multidisciplinary team of pediatric critical care physicians, neonatologists, and many others to provide compassionate state-of-the-art care for patients with the most complex cardiac conditions. Babies that are born with congenital heart disease are directly admitted to the 24-bed CCU and will receive 24/7 supervision by pediatric cardiac critical care physicians.
For more information about the Texas Center for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease, please visit

Highest Level of Surgical Care

Dell Children’s has the only American College of Surgeons (ACS) Level 1 Children’s Surgical Program in the region. This designation is reserved for hospitals that meet the highest standards for surgical care, staffing, training, infrastructure, resources, quality improvement, safety and data collection. This means those who need surgical care, have access to our full complement of pediatric specialists and surgeons who are experts in caring for children with congenital anomalies–all in a surgical setting and team recognized by the ACS as delivering the highest level of clinical care. Our team of pediatric surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other specialists are specially trained to care for your baby and will ensure the care experience is tailored for the unique needs of you and your baby.

Continuum of Care

Dell Children’s has the most pediatric specialists and specialty programs in the region. This means, when you deliver your baby with us, your child has access to comprehensive programs and specialists that are specifically trained to deliver care for newborns, adolescents and teens, all the way into adulthood. Children are cared for with a family-centered approach that keeps patients close to loved ones at all times. Central Texas kids can receive the highest level of pediatric care, right here at Dell Children’s without having to leave their home city.