Respiratory Care 

Both the pediatric and adult CF care teams include respiratory therapists who will be involved in your care during outpatient and inpatient visits. The respiratory therapists will coach you through your Pulmonary Function Testing, collect sputum samples during each outpatient visit, and educate you on any respiratory needs. They will provide education regarding medication use, cleaning methods, and airway clearance options at least once a year and as needed. The respiratory therapists will also help troubleshoot any issues with equipment you may encounter, provide information for respiratory medication assistance, and help order new equipment when necessary.

During a hospital admission, you will receive care from a core team of respiratory therapists that are dedicated to CF care. While you are in the hospital, this is also a good time to experiment with other airway clearance devices you have not tried previously to see if one might be more useful to you. Feel free to inquire! Exercise equipment is also available through physical therapy as an important additional method of improving airway clearance. Remember you can work with your in-patient care team on a preferred treatment schedule that will help make your in-patient more comfortable and successful.

Please contact us if you have any further questions at 512-324-0137 and ask for the CF team.