Frequently Asked Questions

My kids are so excited! Can my child with CF attend this weekend?

We are very excited to be able to provide an opportunity for children related to someone with CF to attend camp. However, to be consistent with infection control guidelines, only siblings of pediatric patients, and children of adult patients are invited to attend.   We want this weekend to be refreshing for the whole family, and therefore we encourage family members not in attendance to have special family time together. Also, camper registration will take place outside on April 15 in order to adhere more easily to infection control guidelines.

What will food be like? My child has a food allergy, will this be a problem?

Camp John Marc is a nut free facility, and is able to accommodate most other food requirements. Offerings may include burgers, assorted breakfast (such as fruit, yogurt, cereal, eggs, sausage) sandwiches, chicken strips, and more. Camp John Marc offers SunButter (a nut free, creamy spread) for those who are not able to eat the food served at a particular meal. Please call Lauren if you have concerns.

Who will be caring for my child during the weekend?

Counselors specially trained for Camp Kindred will include DCMC staff, nursing students, child life students, and others interested in attending. All counselors will undergo an interview, background check, and training process for both Camp John Marc and Camp Kindred. Campers will be in cabins separated by gender and age, with 3 counselors in each cabin. Camp John Marc is accredited by the American Camp Association, and conducts thorough screenings and trainings for all staff members.

What if my child feels sick the day of camp/gets sick at camp?

We ask that children who exhibit flu like symptoms 1-2 days before camp begins do not attend. These symptoms include but are not limited to fever of 100.4 or higher, achy muscles, severe stomach upset. Children that exhibit these signs at camp will be placed in isolation room to rest and heal, and parents may be called to pick up a sick camper, at the medical director’s discretion.

My child needs medications, where can he/she keep these while at camp?

A registered nurse employed by Dell Children’s Medical Center will be on site for the entire weekend. This nurse will attend to any medical needs, as well as store and administer all medications, including vitamins, allergy medications, over the counter medicines, and other medication needs.

Will you be having conversations about CF? Will it be uncomfortable for my child, or a conversation that I don’t want my child to be involved in?

We understand this is a sensitive topic, and we want to do our best to meet the needs of every camper and family. Because the medical situation for patients is so varied, and family preferences regarding discussions about CF differ, child life led activities during the weekend will focus on emotional expression, coping, and processing, not CF education. The focus will be on the camper’s personal experience, rather than particular details of the loved one’s illness. Please indicate if you would like your child to attend this CF specific expressive activity or not. Please call Lauren at (512) 324-0000 ex 87461 to discuss any concerns or questions.