The Children’s Sleep Disorder Center at Dell Children’s is the only American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) accredited sleep lab dedicated to pediatric sleep studies in Central Texas. The center offers comprehensive services, ranging from multidisciplinary assessment to therapeutic studies in sleep lab.

Specialists at the Children’s Sleep Disorder Center can detect conditions that may be keeping your child from having a healthy, good sleep. Using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and computer software to record data while they sleep, experienced physicians pinpoint the disorder, allowing the referring physician to prescribe therapy.


The Children’s Sleep Disorder Center at Dell Children’s offers a full range of services to get to the bottom of your child’s difficulty with sleep. The diverse services include:

  • Consultation by a board certified sleep medicine physician
  • Access to sleep medicine ancillary staff: nurse coordinator, respiratory therapist, registered dietician, social worker
  • Sleep study in a child specific laboratory
  • Collaboration with other Dell Children’s Subspecialty services

Most sleep problems can be identified in a single night, comfortably and conveniently at the center’s sleep lab. The sleep lab uses advanced monitoring equipment and the latest computer technology to conduct in-depth sleep studies.

Sleep studies include: