Children’s Comprehensive Care

Children’s Comprehensive Care (CCC) clinic is currently accepting children under the age of 17 years with high medical complexity. To find out if a child is eligble for CCC, please call (512)628-1833 or fax a referral form to (512)600-8149.


Established in 2012, Children’s Comprehensive Care (CCC) clinic is a primary care clinic dedicated to the care of children with complex medical issues. Our program is part of the Dell Children’s Medical Group of pediatric subspecialists. This innovative model creates a cohesive family-centered care delivery system to provide wraparound care for children with challenging medical needs.

We seek to bring comprehensive care to each child, offering continuity and coordination while considering family needs for sibling and caregiver support. The foundational premise to this approach is the understanding that in pediatric care, contextual needs are as important as physical needs, remembering that a child lives in the context of family – to support the family is to support the child.


The CCC was developed as a pilot project by Seton Healthcare Family to rethink and redesign the way healthcare is delivered to medically fragile children and their families. Many of the children who receive care at the clinic have feeding tubes, require frequent multiple specialist visits, and use mobility devices such as wheelchairs. Some require around-the-clock care including services from nursing and therapists.

CCC Vision: To increase the number of well-days for families of children with medical complexity.

CCC Mission: To provide relationship-based, timely, comprehensive care to families of children with medical complexity, and empower families by providing the tools, knowledge, and collaborative support to identify strengths in themselves and their community for living the best life possible.

Today, the CCC serves as the medical home for more than 800 children. Medical, behavioral, and psychosocial care are all available under one roof, while innovative tools such as telemedicine are used to coordinate care with specialists and cut down on burdensome travel for families.

Our overall goal at CCC is to support the children and families of our clinic in the most positive and caring way possible. Not only do we provide these unique services, we also CELEBRATE the children and families of CCC.