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Who We Are

Our sickle cell team is dedicated to the prevention of complications in children living with sickle cell disease and sickle cell related disorders with emphasis on providing the most up-to-date treatment recommendations.

What We Do

Children with sickle cell disease require ongoing, comprehensive care. Our services include management of acute illnesses, such as pain crises, infections and fevers, and anemia, ongoing education and advocacy for the child and family, and surveillance for chronic complications, such as pulmonary disease, eye problems, heart complications, and bone and joint problems. We remain abreast of the latest recommendations in the management and treatment of pediatric sickle cell disease and complications, including:

  • Genetic counseling of hemoglobinopathy identified by newborn screen, including sickle cell trait
  • Comprehensive annual evaluations, including education about pain management, spleen problems, infections, and pulmonary complications
  • Transcranial Doppler to identify patients at risk for stroke
  • Hydroxyurea therapy
  • Chronic transfusion and iron chelation management
  • Access to support services, including school visits to educate teachers and school nurses about the needs of the school-aged child with sickle cell disease
  • Activities to promote individual self-expression and learn coping skills
  • Opportunities to meet fellow families with similar experiences

Program Goals

Our ultimate goal is to provide the entire family with the education and tools necessary to manage the child’s disease over the lifespan, enabling each child to remain as healthy as possible while fulfilling his/her potential.