AISD Student Health Services works closely with Dell Children’s and Austin area schools to ensure the following state-mandated screenings are carried out per the Texas Health and Safety Code:


Hearing is a critical part of the school learning process, and as such, testing for hearing deficiencies is an essential part of providing equitable education to all students. AISD Student Health Services works with schools to provide on-campus hearing screening per guidelines and requirements published by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The test involves the pure-tone audiometric Sweep-Check Screen, a test carried on both the right and left ears. The results are submitted to the State Health Department by June 30th each year.


Mandated by the state, vision screening is another requirement that must be followed by all schools within the Austin Independent School District. The state mandate requires that all children enrolled for the first time in a state-recognized learning facility in Texas and who meet certain grade criteria must be screened for possible vision problems.

Risk Assessment for Type 2 Diabetes

The Texas Risk Assessment for Type 2 Diabetes in Children (TRAT2DC) is a state-mandated program that seeks to assess children in the state of Texas who may be at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. The program—developed, coordinated and administered by the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Border Health Office (BHO)—uses risk profiling to determine the chances of developing the condition.  Initial screenings which involve visual inspection of the back of the neck are completed by the RN and Health Assistant at the start of the fall and spring semester.  If a positive marker on the back of the neck is identified, additional assessment including checking body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure takes place. If children are identified as being at risk, parents receive notification from the school nurse and are encouraged to pursue further evaluation by a healthcare professional.

Scoliosis Screening

Spinal screening is a state mandated screening that is carried out to identify students with scoliosis, a spinal condition that results in an abnormal curve in the spine. The screening seeks to identify children with higher risk factors, which include age (9 to 15-year-olds), sex (female) and family history. Using physical examinations, all students are assessed at school and reports published and sent on to parents and the state health department.