Mandated by the Texas Department of State Health Services, immunization compliance is a must for schools in Austin. Through guidelines issued by the state, all schools in the district must ensure that students can show proof of vaccination before being allowed to attend classes, unless families file for exclusion or exemption.

AISD Student Health Services helps support immunization compliance within the school district in a few different ways:

  • Parent/Guardian Notification: AISD Student Health Services works diligently to notify parents/guardians about immunization requirements for their children.
  • Monthly Follow-Up: AISD Student Health Services helps ensure no children are left out of the loop during immunization screening by identifying all students on a month-to-month basis who are scheduled for vaccinations.
  • Referral to Community Services: AISD Student Health Services also provides referrals to community services for immunization assistance if needed.

In addition to the areas mentioned above, AISD Student Health Services also works closely with schools during flu season and similar higher-risk times for illness to minimize outbreaks and help keep Austin kids healthy throughout the year.