During the 2014-2015 school year, Dell Children’s Medical Center, which is part of Seton Healthcare Family, entered into its 19th year of providing school nurses and health assistants at Austin ISD schools. This innovative model uses a registered nurse and school health assistant who work together to provide health related services to over 83,000 students attending 128 schools. School nurses and health assistants have immediate access and support from centrally based nurse managers, a nurse director, a physician medical director, and if needed, additional resources of a tertiary care pediatric medical center and the many clinical specialists who are affiliated with Dell Children’s Medical Center.

Key Accomplishments for 2014-2015 include:

  1. As a result of 1115 Medicaid Delivery System Reform (DSRIP) projects, Seton continues its partnership with AISD to provide 11 Campus Based Counseling Referral Centers (CBCRCs) at Austin, Akins, Burnet, Crockett, Dobie, Eastside, Fulmore, Lanier, LBJ, Reagan, and Travis. The CBCRCs deliver school based behavioral health services including psychotherapy, psychiatric assessment, and other individual and group classroom based behavioral skills training and mental health awareness education sessions to children and adolescents in the school setting.
  2. Collaborated with Seton Shoal Creek and Seton Mind Institute to facilitate the continuum of care for AISD students hospitalized at Seton Shoal Creek by obtaining discharge information to ensure students have safe return to school as well as establish safety plan for school setting.
  3. Partnered with Travis County Medical Society, Dell Children’s Medical Center, Austin ISD and other community partners to provide over 900 sports physicals to student who have been identified as having limited access to health care.
  4. Partnered with AISD, SHS, Dell Children’s-Specially for Children to update “AISD Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Plan” which exceeds the requirements of House Bill 27, by placing a minimum of 3 anaphylaxis awareness and response posters at each school as well as increasing education to AISD staff regarding the recognition and response for an anaphylaxis reaction. Developed plan and process for placing unassigned EpiPens in schools. EpiPens were placed in schools in August 2015.
  5. Provided educational sessions to School Nurses and Health Assistants:
    • Active Shooter Training by Dean Dines of Seton and John Gaete of AISD on August 19, 2014.
    • Youth Mental Health First AISD provided to School Health Assistants on Aug 8, 2014.
    • Seizure training and response provided to School Health Assistant by Jan Walker, RN.
  6. Participated in AISD Back to School Bash & immunized over 100 students.
  7. Participated in Missing School Campaign to immunize 611 students with influenza vaccine at 22 schools in fall 2014.
  8. Developed Ebola information sheet and shared with AISD schools & families in fall 2014.
  9. Partnered with DCMC SafeKids to provide 20 cribs to AISD teen mothers.
  10. Mentored Texas Tech nursing students in fall 2014.
  11. Mentored University of Texas School of Nursing students in fall 2014 & spring 2015.
  12. Presentations by Sally Freeman:
    • August 2014. Children’s/Austin ISD Student Health Services. National Collaborative on Health and Education. Washington, DC.
    • October 2014. Children’s/ Austin ISD Student Health Services. Healthy Schools Campaign. Chicago, IL.
    • June 2015. Innovative Partnerships: School nursing and acute care hospitals.National Association of School Nurses Annual Conference. Philadelphia, PA.
  13. Dr. Pont appointed to the inaugural faculty in the Pediatric Department of the UT Austin/Dell Medical School.
  14. Dell Children’s Medical Center continued its gift of providing web-based HealthTeacher curriculum and GoNoodle to Austin School District for the third year.
  15. Fourteen AISD School Nurses maintained their certification as a Nationally Certified School Nurse.

Children’s/AISD Student Health Services aligns with the mission, vision, values and goals of AISD, and wants all students to be fit, healthy and ready to learn!

Student Health Services Summary

Children’s/AISD Student Health Services (SHS) is a collaboration that began in 1996. The Seton Healthcare Family contracts with the Austin Independent School District (AISD) for the provision of student health services. SHS staff, including Registered Nurses and School Health Assistants, Clinical Managers, Educator, and the Director and Medical Director, are employees of Seton Healthcare Family/Dell Children’s Medical Center. The Quality Improvement Consultant is contracted with Seton Healthcare Family. Each campus has a Registered Nurse who functions as the leader and coordinator of the student health services team. The District liaison for SHS is the AISD Assistant Director of Comprehensive Health Services. The focus of services is on wellness/health promotion/prevention, and the elimination of non-educational barriers to learning.

Congruent with AISD’s promotion of national accreditation for teachers, RNs pursue national accreditation in nursing through the National Board for Certification of School Nurses.