Customer Satisfaction and Principal Surveys

SHS customers include students, principals and campus staff. Efforts to survey parents have been included in the AISD parent satisfaction survey instrument. SHS seeks feedback from all of these groups to monitor customer satisfaction.


Survey results reflect principals’ high satisfaction with school nurses. Principals who express specific concerns receive direct follow-up from Clinical Managers.

Staff Surveys


AISD Staff satisfaction results indicate high satisfaction with training they receive from SHS staff. A slight decline in results over the prior year may be related to high demand which exceeded room capacity for training in SY 2013-14.


AISD staff reflect high degrees of satisfaction with RNs and School Health Assistants. There is some concern regarding staff-perceived dependability of SHAs.

Student Surveys

Middle and high school students seen in the health room during a two week period in late March-early April are typically surveyed to assess their satisfaction with services.  The plan has been to survey students every other year as resources are available. It was not possible to survey students in 2013-14 due to other programmatic priorities.


Student perceptions reflect that SHS staff provide a high degree of respect and privacy to students and their parents. The availability and timeliness of care are also highly rated.


Students who complete satisfaction surveys are also asked about other needs they may have. Comparing SY 2011-12 results with prior years, an elevated percentage of surveyed students identified needs for weight management, feeling safe from bullying, managing conflict and dealing with depression. AISD, SHS and other community partners are working to address these needs for students at the campus level.

Quality improvement recommendations are made based on findings in this report. They form the focus for improvement efforts in the coming year. Recommendations are available upon request from Children’s/AISD Student Health Services.