Preventive care/health promotion activities in the school setting include such activities as immunization management and health screenings, surveillance and management of reportable communicable disease, safety and environmental monitoring, individual and group health teaching by RNs, and collaborative efforts to address childhood obesity.

To augment the AISD health education curriculum, Seton Healthcare Family has purchased HealthTeacher, a comprehensive K-8th grade online health education curriculum for classroom teachers. The curriculum provides over 300 age-appropriate lessons across 10 content areas aligned with the National Health Education Standards (NHES). Lessons are designed for integration into core curriculum areas such as language arts, science and social studies, and have been aligned with the Texas Education Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which provide skills-based instruction linked to assessments. In June, 2011, AISD health educators were trained by national HealthTeacher staff on how to integrate and implement the Health Teacher curriculum in the classroom. In addition, several curriculum components were identified that align with the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) initiative of AISD. During school year 2013-14, 334 staff across 84 campuses accessed HealthTeacher, viewing over 4000 lessons and over 2600 lesson resources. The most common lesson topics were in the areas of nutrition (21%), personal and consumer health (20%), mental and emotional health (19%), and injury prevention (12%).

The SHS Director is a member of the AISD School Safety Team, and campus RNs participate on the campus level teams. Nurses conduct a Safe Environment of Care Survey; results are shared with the principals and campus safety teams, and at the District level so that action can address identified concerns on campuses.