Direct Health Contacts

AISD students received 518,117 direct health contacts during SY 2013-14, resulting in a rate of 6.07 contacts per student enrolled. Of those students seen by SHS staff for illness or injury in SY 2012-13, 11.9% were dismissed from school. The student health dismissal rate decreased .6% over the prior year. There were 610 influenza/influenza like illness cases identified in School year 2013-14, about half of the number recorded the prior year and comparable to the number of cases identified two years ago.



SHS tracks seventeen outcomes for students seen in the health room. Rather than just tracking whether or not a student was dismissed, SHS tracks outcomes such as ‘returned to classroom’, ‘released to parent/guardian’, and ‘student released to administrator’. The return to class rate is conservatively calculated and includes only those students either dismissed from the health room directly to class, or to lunch and then class. This conservative approach focuses attention on the direct return of the student to classroom instruction. Students who have some intermediate outcome, such as release from the health room to an administrator, may also return to class, but do not do so directly from the health room. In SY 2013-14, 11.9% of students seen were dismissed, and 86.2% returned to class. Parents can determine that their child should leave school even if not indicated by nursing protocol. In SY 2013-14, of all students dismissed following a health contact, 6.1% were against nursing protocol.




In SY 2013-14 there were 250,066 ill/injured contacts; 109,516 medication assistance contacts; 52,469 screenings (excluding Fitnessgram); and 89,601 health teachings by RN.