On behalf of Children’s/AISD Student Health Services, we wish to dedicate this annual report to Mr. Henry McMahon. Henry, who passed away in March, 2013, was for decades a tireless champion for the health and well-being of all children and youth in the Austin area. Henry was a Vietnam War veteran. As a grandparent he raised his granddaughter, a child with special health and educational needs. Henry served as a parent on numerous community advisory and advocacy groups. He was a founding and lifelong member of the Children’s/AISD Student Health Services Task Force, which met monthly for more than a decade to guide the collaboration between Dell Children’s Medical Center and the Austin Independent School District. Henry carefully reviewed and thoughtfully critiqued each annual report, challenging us to improve its quality and assuring that the health needs of all students were being addressed. He deeply appreciated the effort, reflected in the report, to be transparent in the representation of student health needs, the efforts to meet those needs and their outcomes.

Henry was an active member of the Child and Youth Mental Health Planning Partnership where he chaired the Membership Committee. For nine years he volunteered at the Central Texas African American Family Support Conference. He was active in the Family Support Co-op and the Austin Travis County Integral Care Planning and Network Advisory Committee. Henry was also a long time member of the Children’s Partnership Board, where he remained active until his death.