Reportable Communicable Disease Surveillance

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There were 550 reportable disease instances during SY 2011-12, a 343% increase over the prior year. The increase was driven by 304 cases of norovirus. As the campus RN identified a large number of absent students and more being sent home from school with gastrointestinal symptoms, she notified clinical managers who then notified the health department. The health department came to the school to investigate and collaborate with the school administration, AISD and SHS administration. Cases of Shigellosis, pertussis and tuberculosis also contribute to the total numbers of cases of communicable diseases experienced by AISD students. AISD and SHS work closely with the Public Health Authority on all outbreaks and cases of reportable communicable diseases to decrease spread and lessen the impact on AISD students and staff. The district-wide coverage that SHS provides allows for better coordinated surveillance and action when communicable disease arise within the district.

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Varicella (chickenpox) cases decreased from 400 in SY 2003-04 to 22 in SY 2011-12. This likely reflects changes in immunizations practice.