Responding to Health Incidents & Accidents

incidents_and_accidentsAn incident is typically an illness or injury that does or potentially could involve emergency response measures. It could also be a situation that has the potential to cause significant harm. The incidents represented in these data are those that involved SHS staff. There were a total of 1291 incidents documented in SY 2011-12. Of these, 78 of the ill/injured were AISD or SHS staff, parents or other adults on campus; and 1213 involved students. Further analysis in this report focuses on student incidents.

Of the total 1213 student health incidents, 137 required Emergency Medical System contact and 105 students were transported via EMS to the Emergency Department (ED). An additional known 29 incidents resulted in a parent taking a child to ED; 11% of student incidents resulted in an ED contact. In addition to students, 23 adults (29.5% of adult incidents) required EMS transport while on a campus.


Total incidents declined in SY 2011-12.


Incidents due to student injury substantially exceed those due to illness. Analysis of injury incidents allows for the identification of safety improvements that could prevent future injuries. When an incident involves an identified hazard on campus, the circumstances are called to the attention of the principal for remediation, shared with the campus safety team and the District safety team.