Promoting Student Safety

Nurses participate on the District’s School Safety Council. Children’s/AISD Student Health Services staff are first responders in health emergency situations. RNs and School Health Assistants (SHAs) assure a healthy environment for individual students with special health needs. They participate in 504 and ARD meetings for students with special needs, and may contribute to Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) as needed to serve the student. Additionally, the Clinical Managers monitor and review all incident/accident reports involving SHS to assure completion of care and to identify situations that may be unsafe and need correction.

School RNs play a significant role in the maintenance of school safety. Nurses conduct the Environment of Care Survey on all campuses and monitor for physical hazards and health concerns. They provide surveillance for reportable communicable diseases and work closely with the SHS Nurse Managers, SHS Director and SHS Medical Director and the local Public Health Authority when an outbreak is identified, implementing protocols to limit the spread of disease. SHS staff have previously received commendation for their work during an H1N1 influenza outbreak, to limit the impact of the illness, and to inform the active decision making for public health officials. Two campuses were closed briefly, while many other Districts closed down entirely.