Direct Health Contacts

AISD students received more than 525,000 direct health contacts during SY 2011-12. Of those students seen by SHS staff for illness or injury in SY 2011-12, 88.4% returned to the classroom.



SHS tracks seventeen outcomes for students seen in the health room. Beyond such outcomes as ‘returned to classroom’ or ‘released to parent/guardian’, tracking includes such items as ‘student released to administrator’. The return to class rate is conservatively calculated and includes only those students either dismissed from the health room directly to class, or to lunch and then class. This conservative approach focuses attention on the direct return of the student to classroom instruction. Students who have some intermediate outcome may also return to class, but do not do so directly from the health room. In SY 2011-12, 11.6% of students seen were dismissed by SHS according to health protocol, and 88.4% returned to class.


In SY 2011-12 there were 279,647 ill/injured contacts; 98,864 medication assistance contacts; 44,489 screenings (excluding Fitnessgram); and 93,874 health teachings by RN.