Social Work

A dedicated social worker is part of the Aerodigestive team. The social worker is available to navigate the complexities of starting therapies and offering a wide range of support to help parents be successful in the case of a medically complex child.

Social workers are well-versed in a range of services that most families are not aware exist. For example:

  • Did you know….that you may use your child’s MDCP respite hours for nursing with a different home health company other than your current primary one? This is because you have access to two different funding sources—MDCP & Medicaid. Contact me or your STAR Kids Service Coordinator to find out more.
  • Did you know….that you may qualify to have your child’s private insurance premiums reimbursed if they also have Medicaid? Go to for more information regarding “HIPP” & to download an application.
  • Did you know….that your child may qualify for free and/or reduced cost physical and occupational therapies when provided through a Graduate Program? This may be an option to consider when your private insurance visits for therapy have been exhausted or to supplement therapies your child is already receiving.