Aerodigestive Program

The Aerodigestive Program provides a multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and management of children with complex airway, respiratory and gastrointestinal tract disorders. Patients are evaluated by a pediatric otolaryngologist (ENT), pediatric pulmonologist and pediatric gastroenterologist (GI) in conjunction with a dietitian, speech therapist, respiratory therapist, social worker, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a nurse. This service enables the convenience of a multispecialty care visit as well as a coordinated and streamlined care plan. The evaluation is intended to be a consultative service to referring providers and patients.

We value our patients’ families as essential partners of the healthcare team and active participants in planning each and every child’s treatment course.

Services Provided:

  • Multidisciplinary evaluation and management of patients with breathing and feeding issues.
  • Scheduling of a combined appointment at one location to see all doctors and care providers, which allows for the development of a collaborative treatment plan.
  • Coordination of surgical procedures to limit anesthetic exposure for children and allow for comprehensive evaluation.
  • Continuity of care with ongoing support from the clinical team in between clinic appointments.


Clinic is held 4-5 days a month. We are offering both in-person and virtual visits but highly encourage families to have in-person visits for the initial visit. On clinic day, the team assesses the patient and develops a plan of care. Medications, treatments, feeding plans, therapy needs, and diagnostic procedures are discussed in a collaborative family-centered manner. A discharge plan outlining the recommendations and orders are given to the parent. The nurse coordinator and interdisciplinary team members process and complete the patient plan. Contact with team members is encouraged between clinic visits. Fluid communication is key to the coordination and implementation of the comprehensive treatment plan. Bi-monthly team meetings are held with the providers to discuss patient progress and needs.