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Jeffrey B. Titus, PhD

Section Chief, Pediatric Neuropsychology

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Jeffrey B. Titus, PhD

Section Chief, Pediatric Neuropsychology

Dr. Titus provides pediatric neuropsychology services at Dell Children's Medical Center, and he is Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin. He lives with his wife and two children in Austin, Texas.

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  • Pediatric Neuropsychology

Provides Care Through

  • Dell Children's Medical Group
  • UT Health Austin Pediatric Neurosciences at Dell Children’s

My Passion for Healthcare

I became interested in child psychology during my undergraduate studies, particularly while reading some of the early studies on learning in children. This led to interest on how cognitive processes change during brain development and how various factors can positively and negatively impact that development. This brought me to the field of clinical neuropsychology, which seeks to understand how medical conditions affect the brain and impact cognitive functioning. I enjoy applying what we know about the brain to improving the lives of children.

Services I Provide

  1. Neuropsychological Assessment
  2. Neuropsychological Consultation
  3. Wada Studies
  4. Clinical Research
  5. Functional MRI

My Clinical Focus

I specialize in clinical neuropsychology with children and adolescents. I work with the Dell Children's Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, providing neuropsychological assessments to patients being considered for epilepsy surgery and patients with chronic epilepsy who experience cognitive concerns. I also provide neuropsychological support to the Dell Children's Cochlear Implant Program, the Concussion Program, and the Tuberous Sclerosis Program, and I have clinical experience in the areas of hematology/oncology, neuro-oncology, and medical genetics (e.g., Neurofibromatosis, VCFS).

Why Choose Dell Children's

Dell Children's offers a different brand of healthcare. We call it personalized care. We believe in showing everyone dignity and respect while providing the best care possible for the children we serve.

We are the premier healthcare provider for children and adolescents in Central Texas. While Dell Children's Medical Center is the cornerstone of our pediatric care, our doctors, nurses and associates work in schools, clinics, programs and practices throughout the community to deliver excellent care and better health for our children.

We provide a range of health services to keep your children healthy. We are advancing healthcare and improving lives with easy clinical visits for everyday illnesses, school district and county health partnerships, in-hospital playtime through our child life program, community outreach events and innovative medical treatments for complex and specialized illnesses.

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