During Your Child’s Stay

Patient Room

Single inpatient rooms are “zoned” with distinct areas for clinical care, patient area and a family area. They are furnished with a daybed, storage, comfortable seating and a desk with Internet access.


Dell Children’s Admissions Office is located on the 2nd floor of the hospital. A staff member is available to help you Monday – Friday between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. For any additional information related to Admissions during your child’s stay, please call 324-0159.


Volunteers will distribute mail delivered for patients while hospitalized. Please be sure your friends and family include your child’s name and room number.


Each room will be equipped with a television and have digital cable serviced by Time Warner. All televisions will also have a DVD player for DVD movie capability. DVDs will also be available for patients and their families to check out.

If your child’s television is not operating correctly, please ask your nurse for assistance. We recommend bringing your child’s favorite movies from home.

Playroom and Activity Areas
Every floor of the hospital has a Child life playroom, a place where children can engage in therapeutic play and other age-appropriate activities to relieve their anxieties of being hospitalized.  A teen play room is also available.


Patient rooms will have a direct inward dial and will dial 9 to get an outside line. The patient phones will not have voicemail and can turn the ringers off if necessary. The phones also have a hook that allows them to be hung from the bed rail. The patient room dialing plan synchronizes with the room number. 512-324-0000 will be the main hospital number whereas for patient room 101, the number would be 512-324-0101. Zero precedes the room number because all room numbers are three digit. Also, the wall plate for the patient phone is on the “family side” of the headwall so it can be shared easily between the patient bed and the day bed for the family.

Meals/Room Service

Room service known as  ‘At your Request’ will be available for patients. The majority of patients will be able to order through an in-room menu. For those patients that are not eligible for service, a standard menu will be available.


It is best for patients to avoid bringing valuables to the hospital. Please send valuables home with family members. If this option is not available, contact security to arrange for storage of valuables.