Welcome to Dell Children’s! During your child’s stay, we will do everything possible to make sure you and your child feel included, safe and comfortable. We consider you and your child essential members of the health care team.

Please ask us questions at any time about your child’s stay.

On the pages in this section you’ll find easy-to-use checklists and information about coming to Dell Children’s for a hospital stay.

Our Speak-Up Campaign

Your participation in your child’s daily care will ensure his/her safety and well-being during their stay with us.

The most important ways you can help are:

  • Be actively involved in your child’s care and treatment.
  • Keep your child’s name band on.
  • Communicate with your child’s caregivers.
  • Know your child NPO (nothing by mouth) schedule times.
  • Know your child’s medication schedule.
  • Hand wash often and ask care givers if they washed their hands.
  • Understand fall safety