Resources Just for Kids

This is a place just for kids to learn more about their health by using technology in a fun way to learn about your amazing body and to understand what you can do to take better care of it. Find out what your body is made of, how the different parts of it work together and how you can lead a healthier life!

Your Body

Your body is an amazing machine! Learn about the individual parts and systems of the body, and how they work together.

How the Body Works

Discovery Kids: Explore Your Body

Body Needs

Learn What’s Going On Inside

Gross & Cool Body


Healthy food choices will fuel your body, boost your brain power, and help you feel good too! Take a look at these resources to learn ways to incorporate healthy eating into your daily life.

Choose My Plate for Kids

Best Bones Forever!


Maintaining a healthy weight helps keep your body in tip top shape! Learn how exercise benefits your body, how it can be fun, and ways to make fitness part of your daily routine.

fit Kids: The Place for KIDS to Play and Learn Healthy Habits

Move: Fitness Activities

BAM! Body and Mind

Why Exercise Is Cool


Getting out in nature provides opportunities to relax and to exercise our bodies! Find ways to enjoy nature and your outdoor surroundings with family and friends. You can even visit our three-acre Healing Garden right here at Dell.

Nature Rocks

National Wildlife Federation Games

Texas Parks & Wildlife Kids


Protect your mind and body by making smart, safe decisions. Visit the resources below to learn how to stay safe at home and out in the world.

Body and Mind (BAM!) Safety Page

Safe Kids Club

NIH Eye Safety