Resources Just for Kids

This is a place just for kids to find fun online books to read and to use technology in a fun way to learn about your amazing body and to understand what you can do to take better care of it.

Fun Online Libraries

Click below to discover new worlds through books in your preferred language.

BookBox – Animated storybooks in multiple languages

Story Place – Children’s digital library in Spanish & English

Unite for Literacy – Fiction and nonfiction- Click the Narration button to choose your language.

Starfall – Online stories in English

Frontiers for Young Minds – Open-access scientific journal articles written by scientists and reviewed by kids and teens

Your Body

Your body is an amazing machine! Learn about the individual parts and systems of the body, and how they work together.

How the Body Works

Discovery Kids: Brains Video

Body Needs

Neuroscience for Kids (multiple languages) – Click Experiment for fun games!

Your Brain Map – 3D model of your brain!

Nat Geo Kids Weird But True Facts About Humans

Nat Geo Kids Human Body Quiz

Science Netlinks – Body Systems Game

Science Club for Kids

Science Kids

BrainPop Guts & Bolts


Healthy food choices will fuel your body, boost your brain power, and help you feel good too! Take a look at these resources to learn ways to incorporate healthy eating into your daily life.

Choose My Plate for Kids

Digital Nutrition Resources For Kids

Snack Shack Games

Food Hero Kids


Maintaining a healthy weight helps keep your body in tip top shape! Learn how exercise benefits your body, how it can be fun, and ways to make fitness part of your daily routine.

fit Kids: The Place for KIDS to Play and Learn Healthy Habits

Why Exercise Is Cool


Cosmic Kids Yoga (On Youtube)

Why Exercise is Wise


Getting out in nature provides opportunities to relax and to exercise our bodies! Find ways to enjoy nature and your outdoor surroundings with family and friends. You can even visit our three-acre Healing Garden right here at Dell.

Nature Rocks

Ranger Rick

Texas Parks & Wildlife Kids


Protect your mind and body by making smart, safe decisions. Visit the resources below to learn how to stay safe at home and out in the world.

Safety 4 Kids

Elementary Safety

Eye Safety