Patient Family Advisory Council

Patient Family Advisory Council

Our Mission Statement

The Patient Family Advisory Council is a partnership of patients  (≥16 years of age unless parent is an advisor than patient may be ≥ 14 years of age), family members, nurses, physicians, other clinical disciplines and DCMC leadership collaborating to shape and inform the ideal family centered experience at DCMC.

What We Do

Dell Children’s is committed to providing the best possible care, and that means treating each person with dignity and respect. Hearing directly from family members like you, as well as from the kids we serve, is the best way for us to improve our quality of care.

The Patient Family Advisory Council:

  • Provides feedback on proposed policy, program and organizational changes that affect patients and families at Dell Children’s Medical Center.
  • Serves as a resource for family member involvement on committees, projects and other initiatives throughout DCMC.
  • Brings family and staff concerns or suggestions regarding family-centered healthcare to the attention of hospital leadership.
  • Identifies and works on specific projects to support and promote the implementation of family-centered care throughout DCMC

Working Together for Better Health

By looking at kids and families as partners in health, we can put forth a collaborative effort that leads to a better health outcome:

  • We focus on the respect and dignity due each patient by integrating the knowledge and understanding we have of every child’s background, culture, spiritual beliefs and values, and those of their family, into the care we provide.
  • Information about your child’s care, shared completely, accurately and in a timely way, helps you make better decisions about moving forward.
  • We want kids and families to participate in their care, making decisions at the level where they’re most comfortable.
  • Through collaboration, we can weigh all possible viewpoints to decide on a solution that benefits all parties.