Artist Donates Sculpture to Honor Former Patient


benwakeboarding-croppedBen Breedlove lived with a serious heart condition that ultimately led to his sudden death at age 18 on Christmas Day, 2011. Throughout his life, Breedlove suffered a number of cardiac arrests. His first happened when he was just 4 years old. Afterwards, he described having visions of angels and a deep sense of peace. Breedlove shared with his family how angels had comforted him and told him not to worry.

A Glimpse of Heaven

These celestial experiences repeated themselves with another cardiac arrest Breedlove suffered when he was 17, which he described in a video:

His family only discovered the video after his death and decided to share it on YouTube. It has since gone viral, reaching nearly 15 million viewers.

In Loving Memory

img_3712-croppedBreedlove, a former patient of Dell Children’s Medical Center, was also a beloved member of Westlake High School and his community. He touched the hearts of many, including sculptor Bobby Jacobs. Breedlove’s message inspired Jacobs to finish his hand-carved angel wing, entitled “Gabriel,” and dedicate it to Dell Children’s in honor of Breedlove. The wing, made from fossilized bluestone, now lives in the Dell Children’s healing garden.

Sharing Hope

img_3718-croppedThe Breedlove family hopes the sculpture will bring strength and peace to those visiting the healing garden who may be facing the challenges of pediatric illness.

“I hope that when they see it they think about the things they cannot see,” said Breedlove’s mother Deanne. “I hope that they think about God’s presence and the peace that He has to offer them.”