Dell Children’s nationally recognized for food allergy


Allergy experts join highly-selective national research and clinical network

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Children who suffer from food allergies in Central Texas can now access important specialty care at a nationally recognized “Center of Excellence,” right here at home.

Specially for Children, an affiliate of Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, part of Ascension, recently joined an elite group of providers offering the nation’s highest level of care to children with food allergies. The clinic is now one of 28 “Centers of Excellence” within the Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) Clinical Network. FARE is the leading nonprofit organization working on behalf of 15 million Americans with food allergies.

“We’re thrilled to receive this honor,” said Pooja Varshney, MD, medical director of the FARE Clinical Network site at ‘Specially for Children.

“Our mission is to provide the best clinical care in a kid-friendly environment, to promote patient and family education, train future healthcare providers, participate in community outreach, and bring research opportunities to the families we serve,” Varshney said. “This designation and grant will allow us to grow our program in all of these aspects.”

Varshney says more than eight percent of children in the U.S. suffer from food allergy—that’s about one in 12 children, or two kids per school classroom.subtitled DCMC-Varshney-Pooja-MD-1-427x640

As a FARE Clinical Network site, patients can look forward to:

  • More research and data-sharing, including food allergy studies
  • The first clinical trial for treatment of peanut allergy in Austin
  • Best practices for the care of patients with food allergy
  • Development of new therapies
  • Access to a national food allergy registry
  • Expanded outreach and advocacy to promote food allergy awareness with schools and other organizations

FARE Clinical Network sites are selected through a rigorous application process. These sites provide high-quality clinical and sub-specialty food allergy expertise and services, and are focused on applying new evidence-based knowledge to their practice. They must also meet high standards for clinical care, teaching and research.

While this particular designation is for food allergy, Varshney points out that those who suffer from food allergy likely suffer from other allergies too. She and her team are trained to manage asthma, eczema, environmental allergy and any allergic condition happen alongside food allergy.

Learn more about allergy and asthma services at Dell Children’s or get a complete list of FARE Clinical Network “Centers of Excellence.”

Dell Children’s is part of the Seton Healthcare Family and Ascension, the largest nonprofit health system in the U.S. and the world’s largest Catholic health system.