Dell Children’s Receives a Superhero Named Super Kooper


preview-full-kooper2When Georgetown doctors discovered that 5-year-old Kooper’s broken leg was due to osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that affects bones, he was rushed to Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin. He was placed in a cast from the waist down. Then, experts at Dell Children’s decided that an amputation was the boy’s only option.

The Strength of a Mountain

Just days after his leg was amputated, Kooper was on the football field back in his hometown of Jarrell, Texas to perform the coin toss at Jarrell’s game against Thorndale. It was this strength of spirit that has since earned Kooper the nickname “Super Kooper,” even inspiring his parents. “He’s got the strength of a mountain,” his father said.

Who’s Inspiring Whom?

preview-full-kooper3Super Kooper is an inspiration to his entire community, but there’s another superhero who shares his hometown. University of Texas pitcher Morgan Cooper is also from Jarrell. And because it’s such a small, close-knit community, he has been able to spend time with Kooper and even visit him in the hospital.

As a testament to their friendship, Kooper has begun to refer to Morgan Cooper as his best friend. The 5-year-old has even dubbed the pitcher “Cooper Morgan” so that their first names could match. And Super Kooper has big plans for the future. He hopes to be able to throw a first pitch with “Cooper Morgan” at a UT baseball game.

Super Kooper’s strength and positive attitude has shown throughout the entire chemotherapy process. He has been making great progress and has now been fitted with a prosthetic leg. You can view the full interview with Super Kooper on KVUE.